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Why is THe Maricopa COUNTY Superintendent of Schools Important?

The office is statutorily responsible for providing services supporting school governing board elections, bond and override elections, appointments, school finance, and maintaining homeschool and private school records. The Superintendent leverages the office to strengthen parent and teacher voices, increase respect for the education profession, and create resources that expand the capacity of teachers, administrators, and support staff. The superintendent also oversees the Maricopa County Accommodation District.

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  • External fiscal oversight of the Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools Office and the Maricopa County Regional School district will work with internal and external fiscal management organizations to ensure that all state, county, and federal laws are followed. This may be through annual fiscal audits, periodic reviews of fiscal policy and procedures, and feedback.

  • The Maricopa County Regional School District will reinstate a Citizen Advisory Panel to work with the Superintendent of Schools to ensure that school district operations and fiscal decisions are in accordance with state, federal, and county laws.

  • The Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools will work directly with a panel of external school district superintendents and principals to ensure that the office is providing relevant and timely school support.

  • Regular printed, public, and digital communication of office updates will be provided to all stakeholders, including the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, taxpayers, parents, school boards, and others.

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  • The Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools will provide support to overlooked schools to meet their needs. Such overlooked schools may include: Tribal Schools, and detention education schools. Arizona Schools for the Deaf and Blind, adult education learning centers, sheriff's schools, and other schools that are not part of large school districts.

  • Examples of innovation may include, but are not limited to teacher professional learning opportunities, instructional curriculum learning opportunities, instructional coaching, and partnerships with business, industry,.and apprenticeship programs that will meet career and technical education and academic needs.

  • The Maricopa County Superintendent's Office will also work with legislative leaders to craft and support relevant and responsible legislation that supports school boards, school administrators, teachers, families, and communities.

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  • The Maricopa County Superintendent's Office will include partnerships with county-based organizations to ensure that schools, families, and others will be connected to services and supports to ensure that all students and schools are provided with unique involvement and support in a timely and appropriate manner.

  • The Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools Office will work with local unions and state apprenticeship organizations to add a strong career and technical education foundation to learning in Maricopa County.

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